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Unveiling Tulum's Hidden Treasures: Your Ultimate BlackHause Travel Companion!

Ready to capture Tulum's iconic beauty? Your journey to this enchanting paradise isn't complete without a visit to its picture-perfect gems. Don't miss a chance to experience these breathtaking attractions – make sure they're on your travel list! Head over to @the.blackhause for the inside scoop!

NO. 1 Ven A La Luz Crafted by the renowned South African artist Daniel Popper, celebrated for his awe-inspiring monumental sculptures, this masterpiece is bound to render you speechless. Standing as one of Tulum's most globally recognized landmarks, people from every corner journey here eagerly, driven by the singular desire to capture that perfect shot. Be aware of long lines and a $3 USD fee to enter the Sculpture park.

Best time to visit is 7 ‑ 9 am !

NO. 2 Tulum Ruins The Tulum Ruins are located just 5 mins from downtown Tulum, making this attraction the most visited area of Tulum. Visiting the Mayan Ruins is definitely a magical experience. Here in the heart of the Riviera Maya on the Caribbean Sea, you can experience amazing views, a very rich culture and thousands of years of history of the Mayan Culture. Admission cost is around $5 USD to enter the ruins (this doesn’t include a tour guide). Tickets must be bought with pesos at the entrance of the ruins‑ credit cards aren’t accepted.

Note: Professional cameras not allowed.

NO. 3 SFER IK SFER IK is AZULIK's artistic proposal of exploration, with a biophilic design and an architecture that respects nature and coexists with the environment. This architectural masterpiece leaves guests in awe of how such a marvelous museum was developed. Best time to visit is early morning around 9 am or later evening between 3 & 4 pm. Arriving at these times is sure to guarantee you’ll have the place to yourself. Admission cost $10 USD per person.

NO. 4 SFER IK Uh May SFER IK AZULIK Uh May is the big sister to previously mentioned, SFER IK Tulum. Located in the heart of the Mayan jungle, AZULIK Uh May combines art, nature, technology and ancestral wisdom all in one place surrounded by handmade artisanal creations. It enables its guests to reconnect, while linking the creative mind and the physical world. Take a tour with me of this Architectural Masterpiece. Admission Cost $20 USD per person

NO. 5 Tulum Beach Where crystal clear waters meet white sand beaches. Tulum Beach has some of the most clearwater and beautiful beaches you can find. Tulum Beach attracts tourists from around the world to these beautiful sights. No matter if you book a hotel on the beach or within the city, visiting the Tulum Beach is a necessary destination during your stay.

NO. 6 Mirador Del Mar Caribe This is a one of a kind tourist attraction in Tulum. Just off of the coast of Tulum Beach, this observation deck is definitely a must see. Whether you want to see a life changing sunrise or be captivated by the sunset, be sure to add Mirador Del Mar on your itinerary. This is a free attraction.

NO. 7 Cenote Azul Nestled just north of Tulum in the Riviera Maya, Cenote Azul stands as an iconic jewel within this captivating landscape.

Ever heard of a cenote? Imagine stepping into a hidden freshwater paradise: that's a cenote! These natural wonders are like magical pools formed when the ground caves in, revealing cool, crystal-clear water. It's like nature's secret swimming spot, created when the Earth decides to share its refreshing underground world with us. Admission $9 USD per person

NO. 8 Letras Azules Tulum AKA “The Tulum Sign” The first sign to let you know you have arrived into the beautiful city of Tulum, Mexico! Located just a few minutes from the Tulum ruins, be sure to let your driver know to make a stop here to catch a one of a kind photo! Free admission ‑ limited parking

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